Combination Sewer Cleaning

Combination Sewer Cleaning

Whether you have a clogged drain line or a backed up sanitary system, we can ensure proper flow is maintained and restored. From simple flushing passes in large or small diameter piping, grease cutting, root cutting, or clearing much older sensitive structures, Power Earth Enterprises Inc. can help.

Combination Sewer Cleaning Capabilities

High pressure line jetting

Our experience in high pressure line jetting extends beyond the scope of hourly call outs. Specific techniques are used to ensure safe and efficient cleaning is taking place. With years of experiences servicing in close quarters, such as housing complexes and contracts requiring thousands of meters flushed, Power Earth Enterprises Inc. not only has the ability but also backs the services provided with real field experience, ensuring optimal and reliable results.

Catch basin cleaning

  • Hard to reach catch basins.
  • Routine services available.
  • Oil separator cleanout.
  • Rock pits cleanout.
  • Lead flushing.

Root cutting

Tree roots obstructing your lines? We can cut these out.

Culvert Cleanouts

We can pressure wash and hall away material build up!

Grease cutting

Thickening material obstructing passages? We can clear this out.


  • From simple water removal to large pools, we can handle your dewatering needs.
  • We offer solutions to massive cleanups, using multiple units for transferring in efficient sequence.
  • Decanting while gathering solids, if required.
  • Approved disposal sites to ensure all types of fluid transfer is handled appropriately.

Sewer line flushing

  • With an assortment of nozzles and variable flow, we can effectively provide optimal sanitary and storm flushing services.
  • Specializing in line flushing with the experience and confidence to clean even the toughest of lines.
  • Overlanding experience.
  • Extra flushing hose extensions available for some of the longest runs.

Lift station cleaning and maintenance

  • Approved disposal sites.
  • Decanting abilities.
  • Experience servicing municipal need.

Our combination sewer cleaning equipment is regularly maintained and features industry leading technology

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